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Pioneer in investment tourism: Hawassa Industrial Park

Major international brands operating in Hawassa industrial park are PVH, H&M, Levi’s Tommy Hilfiger, and the Children palace.

Tourism efforts go above and beyond the conventional methods of promoting national heritages of a nation. It encompasses attracting foreigners that visit a country for multiple purposes to engage in foreign direct investment. Since investment is one area of tourism, the Hawassa city administration put a special focus on this sector so that foreigners from near and far can contribute to investment tourism. One of these efforts is manifested in the Hawassa industrial park.

ABN’s Daniel Tiruneh paid a visit to Fitsum Ketema, CEO of Hawassa industrial park to discuss on the features, challenges and opportunities of the park. The first of its kind in fulfilling international compliance standards, the park was inaugurated with three key aims under consideration: Job creation, securing direct foreign currency and technology transfer. Investors from other countries can also bring innovative ideas and work culture which benefits the employees of the park who are between the ages of 18-24.

 “Some of the major international brands are PVH, H&M, Levi’s, Tommy Hilfiger, and the Children palace. These international brands are incentivized with duty-free machineries, raw materials, construction materials, 5-8 years of income tax relief periods and plug and play manufacturing shades,” Pointed out the CEO.

Hawassa Industrial Park

Thus far, the Hawassa industrial park has created job opportunities for 35,000 individuals in 23 companies operating at the park. When it operates fully, 25,000 more jobs will be created taking the tally to 60,000. Mr. Fitsum said that this figure can double or triple through indirect employment.

In the COVID-stricken year of 2020, the industrial park showed its excellence and resilience in staying relevant and competitive. A total of garment materials worth 114 million USD were produced in the past fiscal year. Additionally, investors were allowed to sell their products to the local market so that they can avoid closure. Moreover, the Hawassa industrial park was also a pioneer in producing face masks in an aim to substitute imports. This and other import reduction efforts have altogether generated 20 million USD.

With the second phase of construction to begin soon, the Hawassa Industrial Park promises to become the primary go-to destination for investors from near and far. Quality and excellence are assured making the park a towering industrial figure of southern Ethiopia.

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