Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Ethio telecom New Beginnings with New Packages

Ethio Telecom announces its annual business plan for 2014 E.C at a press conference held at Hyatt Regency, Addis Ababa, today. Speaking at the press conference, Ms. Frehiwot Tamiru, CEO of Ethio Telecom, stated that the company plans to launch various customer targeted services in the wake of the coming Ethiopian new year. Aspiring to be number one preferred operator, Ethio Telecom planned a strategy covering three years, July 2021 to June 2024. Its major goals are stated to insure: Employee satisfaction and retention, Customer Satisfaction and retention, Productivity and profitability, and Market share retention.

The strategic theme is to assure: best customer experience, reputable brand, innovative products/services and technology excellence, develop people-oriented learning organization, growth in financial capacity, and excellence in operation.

“Ethio Telecom wishes to make better customers experience by working on Easy Customers Journey, Affordability, and Accessibility”, said Ms. Frehiwot.

On assuring customers experience, Ethio Telecom plans to make easy customer journey by working on digitization, offer simplification, empowering customers, enhanced after scale services and by loyalty program. It also works on affordability by Discounted package offers, subsidized and installment-based handsets, credit services, EPON to GPON free swap. Regarding accessibility it is planned to work on: Digital Channels, Additional Shops and Vending Machines, 24/7 shop access in some selected areas, More partner engagement, and by network and systems expansion.

Ethio telecom announced different new offers. The primary offer is on existing packages to discount up to 20% starting from August 20,2021. The other new offers are Share Your Package, Package Conversion, Family & Friends Package, Create Your Own Package and Public Wi-fi, which starts from September 1, 2021. For enterprise customers a new service called Mobile Share Plan is also introduced which will be available from August 20,2021. For non-package using customers, there also has been announcement on talk more pay less. Where 20% discount is made for 3-10 min conversation and 30% discount fore more than 10 min conversation. For local and international benefits, a Standard Visitor Plan offer has been declared to start from September 20, 2021. The other awaited offer is the Adey Abeba mobile package offering up to 44% discount stating from September 6 to October 10, 2021.

“Within 100 day, telebirr was able to; get 8.5 M customers, reach more than 18,000 agents, integrate six banks, and involve more than 3,500 Merchants”, said the CEO.

Ethio telecom advises customers to use telebirr and MY Ethiotel mobile app, or get service by dialing *999#. While using telebirr, a new offer that stand from September 6 to October 10, 2021 is also announced. It was stated that every time a customer deposits cash, transfers money or pays merchants a 5% cash is offered back. For 2021/22 Ethio Telecom’s planned its Business Target to reach 64M Customers, and its revenue target to reach 70B Birr. There also has been announcement on adoption of IFRS for the first time to ensure transparency, accountability and efficiency.

Finally, Regarding Financing and Loan Repayment, it was announced that the total issued promissory notes (NGN+TEP) is $2.34 Billion. The total paid loan is $1.56 Billion making a remaining amount of $781 Million to be settled until 2029.

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