Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


ABN Staff

Abyssinia Business Network/ABN/ expresses its sincere congratulations for the newly elected Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Phd) on his victory in the parliamentary elections, accompanied by our best wishes that a strong will and committed work bring you much success in your responsible duty of the Prime Minister for the wellbeing of Ethiopians.

As the Premier and his new cabinet resume Office, we, at ABN, wish the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia will re-affirm its commitment to strengthening and developing initiatives related to the common aspirations and economic prosperity of our nation. Within Ethiopia in particular and the African continent in general, we can continue to enhance, develop and foster deeper integration and we can build on this progress and seize the future together despite difference.

We extend our sincere wishes for the success of the new administration, for the personal well-being of the elected officials and for the peace and prosperity of the country. We strongly believe that we are, indeed, in a threshold of a new chapter. Looking forward to seeing a bright and promising future in all business, investment, financial and development endeavors across the nation, we remain.

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