Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

About ABN


ABN: Main source of Business Information

Abyssinia Business Network (ABN) is a monthly business magazine primarily focuses on business and economics as well as development. ABN has maintained its reputation and presence since its initial publication.

ABN enjoys a large number of readership including senior and middle level managers in private, public as well as non-governmental organizations. The magazine has been the number-one source of news and relevant information for  both  local and foreign investors as well as and entrepreneurs. ABN delivers the depth and breadth of business information to the businesses community.

Each  month  ABN  magazine  delivers  not  only the best business news but comprehensive coverage of the latest global investment issues. A wide circle of academicians, consultants and other professionals are registered readers of the magazine.

The magazine has been playing a crucial role in providing valuable information to our customers like the existing investment  opportunities  and  business  environment  which  is very significant to make investment decision and become lucrative in business.