Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

A Landmark of Promise

2021 marks the historic 80-year anniversary and the official inauguration of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE). It is quite pleasing to witness this monumental occasion as Ethiopia begins its next chapter toward a prosperous future. CBE celebrates the collective drive, resilience and spirit of all Ethiopians and spirit of all Ethiopians as we all come together to reach New Heights.

After the completion of the CBE New Headquarters Building, it will become the tallest building in East Africa and the third tallest building in Africa. The total building height will be 209.15 meters and 53 floors. The height of the structure is 201.75 meters and the height of the shape top is 209.15 meters.

Located on an 18,000-meter plot on Ras Desta Damtew Road at the heart of the nation’s capital, Addis Ababa, the magnificent Commercial Bank of Ethiopia stands as the tallest building in all of East Africa. It was designed to contain eight conference halls, a sightseeing tower, and two restaurants on the two uppermost floors. At the upper tier of the structure is the office for the Board of Directors of the Bank. It also has an emergency waiting room, an inclusive two 5-storey podiums and 20-meter-deep underground parking.

Since its establishment 80 years ago CBE has been dealing with a lot of social corporate responsibilities, supporting community and national development at grass root, town, and city, regional and national levels. The Bank has shown its commitment to making the country’s future as of today. Most importantly, CBE’s contribution to various national projects that aim to boost the country’s infrastructural and energy development is of paramount important.

Hence, it has so far supplied a total of 352 billion birr, out of which 103.4 billion birr has been allocated to the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) until today.  Ethiopia is the country of dreamers, doers and makers. Today, the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia shows that our collective ambitions and ideas can register great achievements. Together, we will continue our pursuit of promise to facilitate the growth and promise of Ethiopia’s future.

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